With its idyllic location to Lake Ontario and riverside setting, The Oakville Club prides itself on the numerous sailing activities. The Yachting membership is busy year-round and in the summer months creates an exciting atmosphere at the Club with regatta’s, cruises and races. Finish your evenings enjoying the sunset on our Dockside Patio.

Special Notice Regarding Lake Ontario & The Oakville Club Docks

The Association of Oakville Harbours' Stakeholders (AOHS) has been asked by the Town of Oakville Commissioner of Community Services to prepare a bulletin updating harbour users of the 'state of play' regarding launching and mast stepping in the harbours. Spence Williams and I have visited all the clubs and harbours on Saturday morning.
Please distribute this bulletin as widely as possible using your contacts within the Oakville/Bronte community. This email will also be sent to the AOHS Interested members, as well as a number of organizations that serve as resources to us.
Lake Levels
As we all know Lake Ontario levels are currently higher than normal and will likely continue to rise over the next few days. Elevated water combined with wave activity is eroding the shoreline in some areas and creating slippery and dangerous conditions.

The Town is anticipating more flooding in low lying areas and is urging residents to exercise extreme caution around the harbours. Areas that are taped or fenced off have been deemed potentially unsafe for public use. Please respect these closures so that no one gets hurt.

Lake Ontario's level was 75.81 m as of Thursday which is 9 cm above the record high of 75.72 m for this time of year (beginning of 2nd quarter of May) set in 1973, and also 8 cm above the record high May monthly mean of 75.73 m , also set in May 1973.

Lake Ontario levels are expected to continue to rise slightly, but not at the rates seen in recent days.

The following is the launch status as at noon on Saturday, May 13, 2017.
Bronte Harbour Yacht Club    
All boats are launched.  The Town is handling mast stepping and expects to complete early next week.
Bronte Outer Harbour    
Almost all boats are launched.  The flooding has not impacted launch, but some boaters requested a later launch than planned.
Burloak Canoe Club    
All canoes are launched and normal  operations are under way.
Oakville Power Boat Club    
No boats are launched and no date has been scheduled until lake levels are much lower.
Oakville Yacht Squadron    
No boats have launched.  Launching is currently planned for Saturday 28th May.  It is not likely that the Club can step masts using the mast crane.  Alternatives are being explored.

The Oakville Club    
Several boats that wintered in Bronte are launched.  Those boats stored at the Club are planning launch on Friday 19th May.

Town Docks Bronte    
Boats are being launched but many vessels are being launched later at owners' request.
Town Docks 16 Mile Creek    
All boats are launched and mast stepping is planned for Tuesday May 16th at Tannery Park.

Launched and providing regular services. However TOWARF had to relocate the rescue boat, as its mooring broke loose and its berth is flooded. The rescue boat is currently docked at OPBC.

All areas are slippery and risk of falling into the water is high especially around the sandbagged areas. All boats must observe ZERO WAKE protocols. Even small waves create a lot of damage. Some navigation marks are partially submerged.  Keep a sharp eye out and use caution.
As Sergeant Phil Esterhaus used to say on Hill Street Blues: 'Let's be careful out there'

**until further notice other yacht clubs around the lake are not taking boaters for stay given the conditions
Reminder: The Oakville Club launch date is June 2, 2017.


Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and wear a life jacket at all times on the Dock and in the Dock Area. Running, playing or “horse play” on the Dock and Dock area shall not be tolerated and will result in being asked to leave the area immediately.


Sailpast marks the official opening of Sailing Season and summer at The Oakville Club. Sailpast is the traditional sailing ceremony of the “Review of the Fleet” by the Commodore. Fleets rendezvous outside the Harbour and sail in a specific order past the Commodore’s yacht to salute the Commodore. Sailpast is a traditional event for the Club. It is an opportunity to see the strength and energy of our Club, both afloat and ashore.


While many Members will cruise on their own at various times throughout the summer, there are a number of “group” cruises. These events – organized by the Yachting Committee – involve a coordinated multi-boat visit to another Club. Often such an event will involve a reciprocal visit with boats coming to Oakville while we are at their facility.


An important dimension to yachting activity is the welcome we receive when we visit other yacht clubs. Similarly, we provide excellent hospitality at the Club to the crews of visiting yachts.
  Click here for Visitors Guide


There is a pump out facility on the east side of Sixteen Mile Creek just north of the Club property. It operates with part-time hours. The closest on-the-water fuel pumps are at Bronte Harbour. Dinghy outboards can be refilled at the Oakville Power Boat Club.